Triumph Herald Triumph Herald

Registration: 911 LKX

Details: Triumph Herald Coupe

Source: Chris Rutherford

Info: Green & White Smooth Roof Coupe. Chassis No.Y6216, Engine No Y6596, first registered 27th Feb 1960.

I purchased this on 22nd June 1971, when my old Hillman Husky died at the MOT station. Having passed my driving test in a Herald 1200, I wanted one of my own! Shortly after the engine was changed for a 1147 spitfire twin-carb unit, and I rallied it with Stort Valley Auto Club – mainly night-time rallies and fun events, not major serious stuff. Yes I had extra lights, extra instruments, rev counter, etc as young lads do. I was 21.
Rust in the chassis got the better of it and I laid it up in London in 1972 … and bought the next one:



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