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Registered 948 Coupes Surviving:
322.5Show Me
.5? Is that half a car? Well yes - it's the cutway Coupe from the Earls Court Motor Show!

Registered 948 Saloons Surviving:
237Show Me
Registered 948 Convertibles Surviving:
Show Me
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Welcome to the Triumph Herald Archive

Click on the letter for the list of cars, for example ABC 123 would be in A. The period also featured a cross over to a number prefix, so when searching for 123 ABC, this will again be found in the A category.

The following list of number plates, are what we have in the archive. Any cars with further information such model spec or images can be accessed by clicking on the numberplate.

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A 81 Q 1
B 54   R 165
C 48 S 47
D 1,222   T 56
E 40   U 75
F 31   V 75
G 71   W 94
H 900   X 172
I 9   Y 603
J 44   Z 8
K 248   G Prefix 1402
L 61   Y Prefix 861
M 78   GY Prefix 36
N 49   Number Ref 49
O 26   Export 63
P 55   Spotted! 12
      Parts 1
      No ID 62
      Total 6,859

For full Coupe Production Figures CLICK HERE (from Y1)

Export Details

 triumph herald coupe