Triumph Herald Online Archive and Database

Z Reference
The following list of number plates, are what we have in the archive. Any cars with further information such as model spec or images can be accessed by clicking on the numberplate. Any further information for each particular vehicle the numberplate or relevant link will be highlighted in Brown.

ZH176687.....Coupe (Yxx)
ZHG508.....Coupe (AUS)

ZE1163.....Coupe (NZ -Y17484)

ZV 1348.....Saloon (Gxx)

ZW 6013.....Coupe (Y1966)
ZW 6636....Coupe (Y7944)

ZX 7467.....Saloon

ZY 6042....Convertible

If you know of a car that can add to this list; existing or long since gone, email us with a reference and we shall add it on. With your help we can make the database grow.

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