Triumph Heralds were exported all over the globe, rough figures can be found here. Export cars are listed via their commission numbers. The following cars are from the USA.
Comm No Engine No Colour Other Info Style Date
G20907 - Alpine Mauve   Saloon 1959
G27144L   Litchfield Green   Saloon 1960
G34741L G29134HE Powder Blue GC 27628 Saloon 1960
G37212 - - - Saloon  
G38017L G32281HE Pale Yellow- Sebring White GC31133 Saloon 1960
G40100L - - Ebay 7/02 Saloon 1962
G40254L - Red   Saloon 1961
G43512L -     Saloon  
G44745L GB1143HE Targo Purple GB1143HE Saloon 1961
G45009L -     Saloon 1961
G55970L -     Saloon 1960
GY906   Targo Purple/White   TC Saloon 1960


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