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We are especially looking for any information on existing 948cc Triumph Herald saloons, coupes and convertibles (in any condition, full or part cars), ex owners of 948cc Triumph Heralds long gone and any ex Standard Triumph employees or their families. Help us build the information and share it with everyone!

Number Plate Reference

The two letter index on all UK number plates relates to the place where the car was first registered. The table below shows a selection of indexes and their corresponding towns.

A London
AA Hampshire
AB Worcestershire
AC Warwickshire
AD Gloucestershire
AE Bristol (B)
AF Cornwall
AG Ayrshire
AH Norfolk
AI Meath
AJ Yorkshire (NR)
AK Bradford (B)
AL Nottinghamshire
AM Wiltshire
AN London
AO Cumberland
AP Sussex (East)
AR Hertfordshire
AS Nairnshire
AT Kingston-upon-Hull (B)
AU Nottingham (B)
AV Aberdeenshire
AW Salop
AX Monmouthshire
AY Leicestershire
AZ Belfast (B)
B Lancashire
BA Salford (B)
BB Newcastle-upon-Tyne (B)
BC Leicester (B)
BD Northamptonshire
BE Lincolnshire (Lindsey)
BF Staffordshire
BG Birkenhead (B}
BH Buckinghamshire
BI Monaghan
BJ Suffolk (East)
BK Portsmouth (B)
BL Berkshire
BM Bedfordshire
BN Bolton (B)
BO Cardiff (B)
BP Sussex (West)
BR Sunderland (B)
BS Orkney
BT Yorkshire (ER)
BU Oldham (B)
BV Blackburn (B)
BW Oxfordshire
BX Carmarthenshire
BY London
BZ Down
C Yorkshire (WR)
CA Denbighshire
CB Blackburn (B)
CC Caernarvonshire
CD Brighton (B)
CE Cambridgeshire
CF Suffolk (West)
CG Hampshire
CH Derby (B)
CI Laolghis
CJ Hertfordshire
CK Preston (B)
CL Norwich (B)
CM Birkenhead (B)
CN Gateshead (B)
CO Plymouth (B)
CP Halifax (B)
CR Southampton (B)
CS Ayrshire
CT Lincolnshire (Kesteven)
CU South Shields (B)
CV Cornwall
CW Burnley (B)
CX Huddersfield (B)
CY Swansea (B)
CZ Belfast (B)
D Kent
DA Wolverhampton (B)
DB Stockport (B)
DC Middlesbrough (B)
DD Gloucestershire
DE Pembrokeshire
DF Gloucestershire
DG Gloucestershire
DH Walsall (B)
DI Roscommon
DJ St. Helens (B)
DK Rochdale (B)
DL Isle of Wight
DM Flintshire
DN York (B)
DO Lincolnshire (Holland)
DP Reading (B)
DR Plymouth (B)
DS Peeblesshire
DT Doncaster (B)
DU Coventry (B)
DV Devon
DW Newport (Mon) (B)
DX Ipswich (B)
DY Hastings (B)
DZ Antrim
E Staffordshire
EA West Bromwich (B)
EB Cambridge
EC Westmorland
ED Warrington (B)
EE Grimsby (B)
EF West Hartlepool (B)
EG Huntingdon
EH Stoke-on-Trent (B)
EI Sligo
EJ Cardiganshire
EK Wigan (B)
EL Bournemouth (B)
EM Bootle (B)
EN Bury (B)
EO Barrow-in-Furness (B)
EP Montgomeryshire
ER Cambridgeshire
ES Perthshire
ET Rotherham (B)
EU Breconshire
EV Essex
EW Huntingdonshire
EX Great Yarmouth (B)
EY Anglesey
EZ Belfast (B)
F Essex
FA Burton-on-Trent (B)
FB Bath (B)
FC Oxford (B)
FD Dudley (B)
FE Lincoln (B)
FF Merionethshire
FG Fife
FH Gloucester (B)
FI Tipperary (NR)
FJ Exeter (B)
FK Worcester (B)
FL Huntingdon
FM Chester (B)
FN Canterbury (B)
FO Radnorshire
FP Rutland
FR Blackpool (B)
FS Edinburgh (C or C)
FT Tynemouth (B)
FU Lincolnshire (Lindsey)
FV Blackpool (B)
FW Lincolnshire (Lindsey)
FX Dorset
FY Southport (B)
FZ Belfast (B)
G Glasgow (C or C)
GA Glasgow (C or C)
GB Glasgow (C or C)
GC London
GD Glasgow (C or C)
GE Glasgow (C or C)
GF London
GG Glasgow (C or C)
GH London
GJ London
GK London
GL Bath (B)
GM Motherwell & Wishaw (LB)
GN London
GO London
GP London
GR Sunderland (B)
GS Perthshire
GT London
GU London
GV Suffolk (West)
GW London
GX London
GY London
GZ Belfast (B)
H London
HA Warley (B)
HB Merthyr Tydfil (B)
HC Eastbourne (B)
HD Dewsbury (B)
HE Barnsley (B)
HF Wallasey (B)
HG Burnley (B)
HH Carlisle (B)
HI Tipperary (SR)
HJ Southend (B)
HK Essex
HL Wakefield (B)
HM London
HN Darlington (B)
HO Hampshire
HP Coventry (B)
HR Wiltshire
HS Renfrewshire
HT Bristol (B)
HU Bristol (B)
HV London
HW Bristol (B)
HX London
HY Bristol (B)
HZ Tyrone
IA Antrim
IB Armagh
IC Carlow
ID Cavan
IE Clare
IF Cork (County)
IH Donegal
IJ Down
IK City and County of Dublin
IL Fermanagh
IM Galway
IN Kerry
IO Kildare
IP Kilkenny
IR Offaly
IT Leitrim
IU Limerick
IW Londonderry
IX Longford
IY Louth
IZ Mayo
J Durham (County)
JA Stockport (B)
JB Berkshire
JC Caernarvonshire
JD London
JE Cambridge
JF Leicester (B)
JG Canterbury (B)
JH Hertfordshire
JI Tyrone
JJ London
JK Eastbourne (B)
JL Lincolnshire (Holland)
JM Westmorland
JN Southend (B)
JO Oxford (B)
JP Wigan (B)
JR Northumberland
JS Ross & Cromarty
JT Dorset
JU Leicestershire
JV Grimsby (B)
JW Wolverhampton (B)
JX Halifax (B)
JY Plymouth (B)
JZ Down
K Liverpool (B)
KA Liverpool (B)
KB Liverpool (B)
KC Liverpool (B)
KD Liverpool (B)
KE Kent
KF Liverpool (B)
KG Cardiff (B)
KH Kingston-upon-Hull (B)
KI Waterford
KJ Kent
KK Kent
KL Kent
KM Kent
KN Kent
KO Kent
KP Kent
KR Kent
KS Roxburghshire
KT Kent
KU Bradford (B)
KV Coventry (B)
KW Bradford (B)
KX Buckinghamshire
KY Bradford (B)
KZ Antrim
L Glamorgan
LA London
LB London
LC London
LD London
LE London
LF London
LG Cheshire
LH London
LI Westmeath
LJ Bournemouth (B)
LK London
LL London
LM London
LN London
LO London
LP London
LR London
LS Selkirkshire
LT London
LU London
LV Liverpool (B)
LW London
LX London
LY London
LZ Armagh
M Cheshire
MA Cheshire
MB Cheshire
MC London
MD London
ME London
MF London
MG London
MH London
MI Wexford
MJ Bedfordshire
MK London
ML London
MM London
MN Isle of Man
MO Berkshire
MP London
MR Wiltshire
MS Stirlingshire
MT London
MU London
MV London
MW Wiltshire
MX London
MY London
MX Belfast (B)
N Manchester (B)
NA Manchester (B)
NB Manchester (B)
NC Manchester (B)
ND Manchester (B)
NE Manchester (B)
NF Manchester (B)
NG Norfolk
NH Northampton (B)
NI Wicklow
NJ Sussex (East)
NK Hertfordshire
NL Northumberland
NM Bedfordshire
NN Nottinghamshire
NO Essex
NP Worcestershire
NR Leicestershire
NS Sutherland
NT Salop
NU Derbyshire
NV Northamptonshire
NW Leeds (B)
NX Warwickshire
NY Glamorgan
NZ Londonderry
O Birmingham (B)
OA Birmjngham (B)
OB Birmingham (B)
OC Birmingham (B)
OD Devon
OE Birmingham (B)
OF Birmingham (B)
OG Birmingham (B)
OH Birmingham (B)
OI Belfast (B)
OJ Birmingham (B)
OK Birmingham (B)
OL Birmingham (B)
OM Birmingham (B)
ON Birmingham (B)
OO Essex
OP Birmingham (B)
OR Hampshire
OS Wigtownshire
OT Hampshire
OU Hampshire
OV Birmingham (B)
OW Southampton (B)
OX Birmingham (B)
OY London
OZ Belfast (B)
P Surrey
PA Surrey
PB Surrey
PC Surrey
PD Surrey
PE Surrey
PF Surrey
PG Surrey
PH Surrey
PI Cork (B)
PJ Surrey
PK Surrey
PL Surrey
PM Sussex (East)
PN Sussex (East)
PO Sussex (West)
PP Buckinghamshire
PR Dorset
PS Shetland (Zetland)
PT Durham (County)
PU Essex
PV Ipswich (B)
PW Norfolk
PX Sussex (West)
PY Yorkshire (NR)
PZ Belfast (B)
QA London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QB London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QC London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QD London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QE London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QF London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QG London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QH London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QJ London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QK London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QL London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QM London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QN London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QP London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QQ London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
QS London: for vehicles temporarily imported from abroad
R Derbyshire
RA Derbyshire
RB Derbyshire
RC Derby (B)
RD Reading (B)
RE Staffordshire
RF Staffordshire
RG Aberdeen (C or C)
RH Kingston-upon-Hull (B)
RI City and County of Dublin
RJ Salford (B)
RK London
RL Cornwall
RM Cumberland
RN Preston (B)
RO Hertfordshire
RP Northamptonshire
RR Nottinghamshire
RS Aberdeen (C or C)
RT Suffolk (East)
RU Bournemouth (B)
RV Portsmouth (B)
RW Coventry (B)
RX Berkshire
RY Leicester (B)
RZ Antrim
S Edinburgh (C or C)
SA Aberdeen
SB Argyll
SC Edinburgh (C or C)
SD Ayrshire
SE Banffshire
SF Edinburgh (C or C)
SG Edinburgh (C or C)
SH Berwickshire
SJ Bute
SK Caithness
SL Clackmannanshire
SM Dumfriesshire
SN Dunbartonshire
SO Moray
SP Fife
SR Angus
SS East Lothian
ST Inverness-shire
SU Kincardineshire
SV Kinross-shire
SW Kircudbrightshire
SX West Lothian
SY Midlothian
SZ Down
T Devon
TA Devon
TB Lancashire
TC Lancashire
TD Lancashire
TE Lancashire
TF Lancashire
TG Glamorgan
TH Carmarthenshire
TI Limerick (B)
TJ Lancashire
TK Dorset
TL Lincolnshire (Kesteven)
TM Bedfordshire
TN Newcastle-upon-Tyne (B)
TO Nottingham (B)
TP Portsmouth (B)
TR Southampton (B)
TS Dundee (C or C)
TT Devon
TU Cheshire
TV Nottingham (B)
TW Essex
TX Glamorgan
TY Northumberland
TZ Belfast (B)
U Leeds (B)
UA Leeds (B)
UB Leeds (B)
UC London
UD Oxfordshire
UE Warwickshire
UF Brighton (B)
UG Leeds (B)
UH Cardiff (B)
UI Londonderry (B)
UJ Salop
UK Wolverhampton (B)
UL London
UM Leeds (B)
UN Denbighshire
UO Devon
UP Durham (County)
UR Hertfordshire
US Glasgow (C or C)
UT Leicestershire
UU London
UV London
UW London
UX Salop
UY Worcestershire
UZ Belfast (B)
V Lanarkshire
VA Lanarkshire
VB London
VC Coventry (B)
VD Lanarkshire
VE Cambridgeshire
VF Norfolk
VG Norwich (B)
VH Huddersfield (B)
VJ Herefordshire
VK Newcastle-upon-Tyne (B)
VL Lincoln (B)
VM Manchester (B)
VN Yorkshire (NR)
VO Nottinghamshire
VP Birmingham (B)
VR Manchester (B)
VS Greenock (LB)
VT Stoke-on-Trent (B)
VU Manchester (B)
VV Northampton (B)
VW Essex
VX Essex
VY York (B)
VZ Tyrone
W Sheffield (B)
WA Sheffield (B)
WB Sheffield (B)
WC Essex
WD Warwickshire
WE Sheffield (B)
WF Yorkshire (ER)
WG Stirlingshire
WH Bolton (B)
WI Waterford (B)
WJ Sheffield (B)
WK Coventry (B)
WL Oxford (B)
WM Southport (B)
WN Swansea (B)
WO Monmouthshire
WP Worcestershire
WR Yorkshire (WR)
WS Edinburgh (C or C)
WT Yorkshire (WR)
WU Yorkshire (WR)
WV Wiltshire
WW Yorkshire (WR)
WX Yorkshire (WR)
WY Yorkshire (WR)
WZ Belfast
X Northumberland
XA London
XB London
XC London
XD London
XE London
XF London

Re-allocated Marks used only with suffix letters:
XA Kirkcaldy (B)
XB Coalbridge (B)
XC Solihull (B)
XD Luton (B)
XE Luton (B)
XF Torbay (B)

XG Middlesbrough (B)
XH London
XI Belfast (B)
XJ Manchester (B)
XK London
XL London
XM London
XN London
XO London
XP London
XR London
XS Paisley (LB)
XT London
XU London
XV London
XW London
XX London
XY London
XZ Armagh
Y Somerset
YA Somerset
YB Somerset
YC Somerset
YD Somerset
YE London
YF London
YG Yorkshire (WR)
YH London
YI City and County of Dublin
YJ Dundee (B)
YK London
YL London
YM London
YN London
YO London
YP London
YR London
YS Glasgow (C or C)
YT London
YU London
YV London
YW London
YX London
YY London