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Triumph Herald Database

A list of known cars existing and details of cars long gone more…

Turn left to TangiersTurn Left to Tangiers
The expedition through Africa featuring Triumph Herald prototypes more…

Turn Left to Tangiers
NEW Colour Slideshow more…

NEW Triumph Canley Works
Period Canley Triumph site photos with overlays how the site is today more…

Triumph Herald Rally Cars
Take a look at our archive of period photographs and details including Monte Carlo, Rac and Tulip rallies More…



Welcome to the Triumph Herald Archive

1959 was a key year in the motoring world, seeing the launch of the Austin Mini, the Ford Anglia and the Triumph Herald. Over 100,000 948 Triumph Heralds were made from 1959 and beyond its production life of 1961 with knock down kits being exported around the world. The 948 Triumph Herald was available as a Saloon and a Coupe, then later as a Convertible.

Styled by Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti, the Triumph Herald was an exciting design and introduced many new developments, such as all round suspension, whilst using traditional methods of a rigid chassis. Launched in the Spring of 1959, the Triumph Herald was warmly welcomed with the opening bonnet for accessibility and incredible turning circle proving a hit with the motoring journalists of the day.

triumph herald rally car
For More Triumph Film CLICK HERE

Not many Triumph Herald 948s now exist, with the Triumph Vitesse and later larger engined Triumph Heralds (1200 and 1360) being found in far greater numbers. This site is a tribute to the early Triumph Herald and an opportunity to find out more to what happened to all the cars - how many DO exist (DVLA have the figure around 300) and what happened to the cars that have not survived. Triumph Herald 948 owners, both current and previous, are encouraged to contribute to this site to build a comprehensive archive to the car. No accurate figures seem to exist, with official sources constantly changing with the discovery of 'new' Triumph Herald 948's found. Who knows perhaps one day we will be able to account for every car produced, but we cannot do this without your help and support. So if you do (or did) own a Triumph Herald 948, tell us about it. Good experiences, bad experiences, anything you can do to help the database grow - and as a thank you we have produced a Triumph Herald game for you to enjoy.

The key reasons for the Triumph Herald Website and areas of interest are:

Since has started we have had a fantastic response from owners from around the globe, ex employees (and their families) from Standard Triumph and many NEW items of information added, to record the cars introduction. We hope with your help the website will continue to flourish and find out more information in the future; with your help and input.

Triumph Herald book Triumph Herald illustrated development and launch timeline book now available.
NEW Limited Edition book - CLICK HERE

The database needs your help in compiling a listing of all the Triumph Heralds produced. A mammoth task so, we are firstly concentrating on early Triumph Herald 948 examples. If you can help us we'd love for you to get involved - get in touch with any memories, info, photographs of 948cc saloons, coupes or convertibles.

Email Us:
We are especially looking for any information on existing 948cc Triumph Herald saloons, coupes and convertibles (in any condition, full or part cars), ex owners of 948cc Triumph Heralds long gone and any ex Standard Triumph employees or their families. Help us build the information and share it with everyone!

August 2016: Book number 132 was despatched and sent to Australia. We also get a mention in the latest TSSC Courier magazine with a photo and a "thoroughly recommend."

Car update see two new Coupes added to the list of survivors - one, on first impressions looks later, with many later parts fitted but the Commission Number of Y17484 confirms the original ID. The car, registered as ZE1163 is in New Zealand. A UK car 713VC has been added and again, looks like a 1200. The commission we have for the numberplate gives a big difference in build date to registration date - what was the car doing during this time - we'd love to know.

A couple of period photos have been found and added with two having commissions in the list already 6145HP and 4513DU. Period photos also include 366WJ and DDJ141. We have added 482UXS, a 1200 coupe, to the list too, so it isn't confused with an earlier car.

6,330 Cars in Database


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Production Figures
948cc Saloon: 86,129
948cc Saloon S: 6,577
948cc Coupe: 15,157
948cc Convertible: 8,258
How many Triumph Heralds are left?

The story of the Triumph Herald is fascinating, from its proving run through Africa to the Rallies of Monte Carlo, RAC and Tulip. Yet, today most of the stories and details regarding the Triumph Herald have been lost. This site is focusing on the era 1959 - 1961 and collating an archive of every 948cc car built, where they were exported to and snippets of information sent through from enthusiasts, Standard Triumph employees and their families.

Triumph Herald Coupe

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